"In over 26 years in the business, I have never found anything remotely as powerful as TaxPro. I had no prior tax experience but that didn't matter. Everything I needed was provided in an easy-to-follow format. Now, for the first time, prospects are coming to me! I project we will see an extra 100-to-150 new people every year thanks to this system. I've had people take stacks of business cards and hand them out unsolicited! So in addition to seeing hundreds of qualified new prospects, I'm now getting free advertising! I never saw this coming."

- Mark F., Missouri

"About seven years ago, I was a struggling agent making just over $30,000. After meeting David and learning his system, I opened my own office. With TaxPro, I wrote over $6 million my first year and have hit over $9 million multiple times. I've had years when my income has been over $500,000. From $30,000 to $500,000! Last year, we had over 565 prospects come to me, and our business has grown every single year thanks to TaxPro."

- Wes W., Tennessee

"Before TaxPro, I was struggling and thinking about leaving the business altogether. I used to run around in my car chasing down leads and closing some now and then. With Dave's TaxPro system, I saw over 450 prospects last year who walked right into my office! Trust me: it's easier to write millions of dollars in new business when people come to see you. Now I have more income and more time to spend with my family. Dave has not only been a mentor to me, he's become a close friend."

- Jeff I., Michigan

"I found out about TaxPro at a time when I was transitioning from one company and starting a new independent career. Dave gave me tools and guidance, and helped me get my business off to a great start. One of the most important things that propelled me was learning how to get people to come to me; to attract clients instead of chasing them. Dave has been a devoted coach, mentor, and friend, and I'm grateful for everything his Taxpro system has done for me and my family."

- Scott M., New Jersey

"Before TaxPro, I was doing all of the typical cold marketing, chasing-prospect programs, and had hit a "glass ceiling." When I implemented the TaxPro system, we immediately saw over 100 new people in our first year. That number has grown and my activity has grown with it. Dave McAdams helped me every step of the way. I didn't need a tax background. His system is simple and easy to implement. For me, TaxPro has been nothing short of a home run."

- Russ S., Connecticut

"Wow, has my life changed for the better thanks to TaxPro! In just over a year, I've gone from running around chasing prospects to setting up an office and having people come to me. Now I have less windshield time, and more face-to-face meetings with people I actually want to see because they fit my criteria for "ideal clients." With Dave's system, we are anticipating about 100-to-150 new prospects each year, and I'm already seeing the benefits; I just won the Top Producer award from my FMO, and I owe a lot of that to TaxPro. Nothing beats it!"

- Anthony S., California

"I had tried another group that offered a tax model, but I found the training to be almost non-existent, and I received no support. With TaxPro, I felt that Dave McAdams really cultivated me and brought me along. The result: I have seen my business skyrocket! I can't thank Dave and TaxPro enough for helping me take my business to a whole other level."

- Art Y., New Jersey